Flow Measurement Clean and/or process Fluid

Variable area flowmeter

  • Exchangeable float or tube,
  • Solid perspex or stainless steel construction.
  • Local display with electrical or pneumatic transmission and alarm contact.
  • Wide range : 1/4 inch up to 6 inch.

Thermal mass flow meter

  • Meter and/or regulator:
  • Display,
  • Regulator,  
  • Totalization,
  • Remote control. 

Pelton wheel for liquid measurement.

  • Wide range of flow rates, working pressures and temperatures,
  • Nylon, PVDF, PVC,  PTFE, SS, titanium construction.
  • Ex version.

Variable Flow meter
for all "normal" applications
Highly resistant materials

Ori-Flow Meters Mass Flow Meters
P Flow Measurements Pelton Wheel Flowmeters