Tools for gas sampling, drying, analysing and detection

Gas detection and analysis

Gas sampling

Tools for sampling and drying

Sampling probes with ceramic filter, heated, insertion in chimney, gas line ... who can resist sample temperatures up to 1800°C.

Freonfree gas cooler , TUV approved, or peltier gas cooler. Water condensate trap with automatic drainage.

Sampling pumps, with teflon head for high corrosive gases, even for gases with condensate.

Analyser filters in  SS, PTFE, PVDF or PH construction

Maximum operating pressure 315 bar.
Maximum operating temperature: 180°C.
Filtration porosity from 2 up to 100 micron with different filter elements, by-pass connection for moisture sensor and alarm.

Gas detection and analysis

Small analysers - Analyser for cabinets

Gas analysis or detection with met electro-chemical cels or IR technology : CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, O2.
NDIR, electrochemical or paramagnetic cell

Electrochemical cells for measurement of atmospheric pollution: CO2, CO, SO2, CH4, NOx, HCl, O2, NH3, Freons, CxHy ...
Toxical gas detection: NH3, Cl2, O3, HCN, HF, H2S, H2, NO, Br2, ClO2, ...

Gas Analysis system - cabinets