Plant Physiology

General Plant Physiology catalog
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General Plant Physiology  catalog
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  • Gas Exchange

  • Photosynthetic measurement: CO2, H2O, ... based on infrared Gas Analysis Systems (IRGA).
  • Laboratory or fully portable field version, Integral cuvette air supply with CO2, H2O, light and temperature adjustment.
  • Wide range of cuvettes, both in shape and form
  • Light Measurements

  • Wide range  of sensors for many types of applications
  • Studies of vegetation productivity & stress.
  • Water Relation

  • Sap Flow Measurement
  • Porometer
  • Plant Moisture stress.
  • Soil Water measurements

  • Soil Moisture Content measurement
  • Techniques used: Trime TDR - Frequency domain (FD)
  • Soil Water Potential: tensiometers
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems

  • Pulse modulated chlorophyll fluorescence or not
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence to analyse plant stress
  • Suitable for laboratory and field measurement, Built-in data/graphics display.
  • Image Analysis

  • Black-and-white or Colour Image analysis system, portable or PC version, run under Windows
  • Using video camera or scanner.
  • Application in leaf area, root length, leaf damage measurement, root tip counting, particle
  • Distribution, .....
  • Oxygen measurement

  • Liquid or gas phase - using Clarck electrodes.